Thursday, 5 July 2012

New studio in Hope Mill, Manchester.

So my good friend Jannine Obermaier(proffesional seamstress and general top guy) and I, have teamed together and got a pretty spectacular studio in Manchester's Hope Mill, Ancoats. We've been there less than three weeks and it already looks like we've been living there over a year. Hoarders. Mass hoarders. Some seriously big things are going to be produced here, hold onto your pants guys, the world isn't ready.
So the plan is : Myself  - Design killer patterns and hand screenprint these onto fabrics
Jannine - Turn these fabrics into wonderful handmade garments, such as dresses, shirts, capes, bags...

This is all too exiting, and i must get back to work. I will update you all on our first piece as soon as.

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  1. So exciting Dani! So pleased for you. much love xx