Tuesday, 23 November 2010

From the kites of San Quentin flyers..

A Manchester band 'From the kites of San Quentin', asked me to create a flyer to promote both themselves and their monthly night.
There music is awesome, have a look at them : www.facebook.com/fromthekitesofsanquentin www.fromthekitesofsanquentin.com

New basement studio in the making..

Got almost all the equipment, just a few bits and bobs, and im there. A screen-printing studio in my basement!


GROTTO is a pop-up artists shop-come-gallery-space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Pop in to get the best, unique, Christmas presents, cards and wrapping paper- all lovingly made by Manchester artists. Stock is always sawpping and changing, keeping it new and interesting.

I have some work up in this lovely pop-up shop in Manchester, my new city! Already had a couple of prints bought which is promising.


Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Work up at 'New Blood', Brick Lane, London

New postcards!

New screenprint for 'Ephemeral' show. 'CODA'

'Sirens were carved on funeral monuments as death eagles chanting dirges to lyre music, but were also credited with erotic designs on the heroes whom they mourned; and, since the soul was believed to fly off in the form of bird, were pictured, like the harpies, as birds of prey waiting to catch and secure it'.

Birthday Present from Shane Wilson.

Best Tiger outfit in the world.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

New screenprint.

For a new series; 'Travellers tales'. CMYK screenprint.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Wizards are better. Flyer/poster designs

Flyers for an upcoming night in Manchester.

'Wild' Tshirts

Screen-printed t-shirts. For sale, email danielle.lovett@hotmail.com.

Work up in the Chapel arts centre!

'Wild' screenprints displayed in the chapel arts centre cafe in Bath. For sale as a set.

70s dancehall wallpaper.

This is the wallapaper i made for the purple haze exhibition. I used the CMYK screenprinting technique, which was quite possibly one of the biggest printing challenges ive had yet. I think the final outcome was successful! The theme was based on the rise of Jamaican female dancehall artists in the 70's.

Purple haze Exhibition!

The purple haze exhibition, organised by myself and Dominic Owen, turned out to be great success! The group consisted of Alice Nyong, Ben Galea, Jasper Dunk, James McCann, Dom Owen, Rebecca Noy, Shane Wilson, Tom Ling, Adam Hartshorne, and myself. All the work in the exhibition was outstanding and worked well as a collection.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Kate Gibb Lecture poster

This is a screen-printed CMYK poster i made for Kate Gibb's Lecture. I met her after the lecture, and now she owns one, and is hopefully going to put it on her studio wall! She is a very lovely person who makes equally wonderful screen-prints.


Dominic Owen and myself are putting on an exhibition of ten illustrators in the old AV shop in Bath, beginning the 19th March. The exhibition is based around the 70's era. This is the screen-printed poster myself and Dom have made to advertise it, this one being hung in the centre of a stairwell at Uni.

Friday, 19 February 2010

'Anorak' EP cover test 1.

I am working on designing an EP cover for my friend john, 'Anorak'. This is a CYMK screen print ive done to see how this image works in small scale (12.5 x 12.5 cm). Ive tried using a bitmap, instead of a colour halftone to achieve more detail. I am pleased with the image, and am now waiting on the Dj to finish the tracks. Exiting.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

'WILD' Screen-prints.

These are the four completed illustrations for the book 'Wild'. This shows the chapter; 'The jaguars apprentice'.
"This was shape shifting. I knew the term but never thought id experience the feeling. At one level, and only dimly, i was aware it was a hallucination but underneath that i felt it was true; a slanted metaphorical truth. I felt a wild empathy and so much did i feel a rapport with this animal that was "I" and what was "she" were indistinct. I was the Jaguar."

One day brief.

A group of us at Uni were given a brief which had to be completed in one day. The format was a piece of paper with a hole cut out the middle.

Experimenting with mediums.

I am illustrating a book called 'Wild', about the travels of a woman across the world, in one part she is living with shamens in the jungles of peru, curing her depression with a spiritual drug; ayahuasca. Here are a few little illustrations experimenting with which processes, one pencil and crayon drawing, and one CMYK screenprint illustration.