Wednesday, 14 September 2011

So its been almost a year!

I admit i've been slacking in the creative department, this year has sped by like a kitten up a curtain. Today marks the first day of  proactive 'dertermindness', (if such a word existed).

... few lies, i have won a competition with Umbro, and the greatly talented One69A :
 Future everything liveprinting @ the umbro showroom

 Also, i teamed up with the wonderful; Natalie Linney and Janine Obermaier, to create a beast of a festival installation at Manchesters Parklife festival this summer:

 Its been a lazy year, but its been a very fun year in my new city - Manchester.
I also have a new Kitten called Zelda, the legend of:
Shes dead good!