Friday, 19 February 2010

'Anorak' EP cover test 1.

I am working on designing an EP cover for my friend john, 'Anorak'. This is a CYMK screen print ive done to see how this image works in small scale (12.5 x 12.5 cm). Ive tried using a bitmap, instead of a colour halftone to achieve more detail. I am pleased with the image, and am now waiting on the Dj to finish the tracks. Exiting.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

'WILD' Screen-prints.

These are the four completed illustrations for the book 'Wild'. This shows the chapter; 'The jaguars apprentice'.
"This was shape shifting. I knew the term but never thought id experience the feeling. At one level, and only dimly, i was aware it was a hallucination but underneath that i felt it was true; a slanted metaphorical truth. I felt a wild empathy and so much did i feel a rapport with this animal that was "I" and what was "she" were indistinct. I was the Jaguar."

One day brief.

A group of us at Uni were given a brief which had to be completed in one day. The format was a piece of paper with a hole cut out the middle.

Experimenting with mediums.

I am illustrating a book called 'Wild', about the travels of a woman across the world, in one part she is living with shamens in the jungles of peru, curing her depression with a spiritual drug; ayahuasca. Here are a few little illustrations experimenting with which processes, one pencil and crayon drawing, and one CMYK screenprint illustration.


An illustration on the Palestine-Israel conflict. Using watercolors.